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420 Friendly Venue

Emerald Acres is a rustic chic wedding venue located in the western suburbs of Chicago that specializes in elegant cannabis-themed weddings. The breath-taking hilltop property features a half-acre hemp field and is where the owners Jarett and Kelly celebrated their own wedding in 2021.

As licensed cannabis industry professionals, Jarett and Kelly understand the importance of cannabis and hemp to certain individuals and want to provide a venue for couples to incorporate this passion into their special day. Whether the couple is made up of cancer survivors or enthusiasts, Emerald Acres is accepting and wants to make the couple's big day uniquely theirs.

Emerald Acres is the perfect choice for couples looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their wedding. The venue's rustic chic aesthetic and stunning hemp field provide a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

The team at Emerald Acres is dedicated to making your wedding day one to remember and will work with you to ensure that every detail is perfect.

For more information about Emerald Acres and to schedule a visit, visit their website at or call 630-549-4954. Let Emerald Acres help make your wedding day a truly special and memorable experience.

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